Newspaper encouraged to see that Liberal promises are kept

Now that the by-election results are out, it is worth noting that, during her recent visits here, the Premier set out 10 specific actions to be taken by her Government on the Central Coast, ranging from $48 million for road improvements through to new fire trucks for Kariong to the filling of 64 teaching positions for TAFE.
These were not election promises, which may  be worth nothing, but commitments by the sitting Government to regional investments that we are entitled to expect will be honoured.
Between now and the next election, it will be instructive to see how many of these projects come to fruition.
I trust that the Coast Community News will be following up on this schedule of works, so that we can judge the quality of the Premier’s honesty when she is campaigning in two years’ time.
If they turn out to be non-core promises, there could be a legal case against her for offering inducements for votes, which is forbidden by electoral law.

Apr 10, 2017
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy