Menindee Ridge residential celebrates growth

Peter and Keran Mason (front) with Darkinjung CEO Sean Gordon (left) Darkinjung members and mr David Harris at a key presentation ceremonyPeter and Keran Mason (front) with Darkinjung CEO Sean Gordon (left) Darkinjung members and mr David Harris at a key presentation ceremony

Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) has celebrated three years since the first concrete slab was laid at its Menindee Ridge residential housing development. The Menindee Ridge development is a vibrant suburban community stretching over 8.6 hectares in Blue Haven.

Darkinjung CEO, Mr Sean Gordon, said it had been one of the most rewarding projects the Land Council had worked on. “Seeing Menindee Ridge come to life has been truly incredible to watch and I think I can speak for our entire organisation and community when I say that this development has been one of the most gratifying ventures we have undertaken,” Mr Gordon said.

“Menindee Ridge started with a vision of providing affordable housing to our members and community and promoting a safe and secure residential environment that could accommodate our growing community. “We have been able to develop 109 lots and housed dozens of families and individuals so far, with more still to come.”

Local residents and Darkinjung members, Mr Peter and Ms Keran Mason, were thrilled to move into a duplex home in November 2016. “It will probably mean that I am able to retire a little earlier as it is affordable housing and we aren’t paying big rent,” Mr Mason said. “We very much appreciate everything Darkinjung has done for us,” he said. “We were waiting six years for this to happen, but when it did, it all happened very quickly with the building.

“Darkinjung were very professional and communicated with us throughout the process. Darkinjung Chairperson, Ms Tina West, said: “Darkinjung’s Menindee Ridge development experience has been positive and has put Darkinjung in a great position to explore other economic opportunities on our lands. “Looking back on how far we have come since the fi rst foundation stone was laid in April 2014, this development has enabled us to provide substantial economic sustainability for the community of the Central Coast, and we look forward to being able to provide future developments to our community.

“I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has helped with bringing Menindee Ridge to life, the Darkinjung Board, our staff and valued members, Wiseberry Charmhaven, who assisted with the sale of land, and all individuals who worked on the development,” Ms West said. “Our land is invaluable to the Central Coast community and we hope to be able to use this to benefit the public in years to come,” she said.

Source: Media release, Apr 20, 2017 Ashleigh Milne, Brilliant Logic