Jilly Pilon – Liberal Party

Jilly Pilon, Liberal Candidate for GosfordJilly Pilon, Liberal Candidate for Gosford

The Peninsula is a unique part of the Gosford electorate and deserves to have a strong voice in the Berejiklian Liberal Government, which is exactly what I will be if elected.
I have lived on the Central Coast my entire life, working across the region including at Umina, East Gosford, West Gosford and Woy Woy.
I also co-own a manufacturing business which employs more than 20 people, so I understand the pressures facing small businesses on the Coast.
I am proud to be running as part of the Liberal team which is committed to delivering the infrastructure and services the community needs, including upgrades to Dunban Rd and Ocean Beach Rd, and Maitland Bay Dve and Picnic Parade intersections, as well as the Service NSW digital store at Woy Woy.
People who know me know I am someone who never gives up.
I’m not afraid to knock on doors, make calls, lobby the Premier, Ministers and whoever I need to, in order to get a solution to a problem.
That’s what I have been doing for the past few weeks and what I will continue to do if I am chosen to represent the people of the Peninsula.
I am a born and bred Coastie and if I am elected on April 8 I promise to be your strong local voice in the Government to ensure the Peninsula and the wider Gosford community gets its fair share.

SOURCE: Media statement, 30 Mar 2017
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