Forgotten warriors

War has many casualties, not the least those who are left behind.

Their names are not recorded

and you’ll find no trace at all

of the story of their struggle

engraved on a marble wall;

No statues stand erected

with gilt emblazoned stone,

to commemorate the sacrifice

of those who served alone.

No medals or decorations

were awarded for them to wear

and never has this nation

proclaimed it really cares:

For the parents and the children,

the loved ones and the wives,

doomed by war’s insanity

to suffer lonely lives.

For when the fighting finished

and peace again was won,

there was no truce declared for them –

their battle had just begun.

So, when we bow our heads

come next Anzac Day,

perhaps we might remember too:

those who fight on still today.

Email, 12 Apr 2017 Vic Jefferies, St Huberts Island