Bring back Kibble Park Fountain to its former glory

As a teen working in Gosford, I would often sit and enjoy my lunch on the seat of the Kibble Park Fountain.

I note last year that the $170,000 which was set aside to bring the fountain back to its former glory was used to paint garbage bins and poles grey, a grey selected in 2010. Yes, a colour selected seven years ago. I note with interest that some of the bins are painted, yet others are still to undergo their ‘revitalisation’.

I call on Central Coast Council to bring back to its former glory the Kibble Park Fountain so current workers can sit by the fountain and enjoy their lunch. I know of many locals who, when they were younger, had their photos taken by the fountain and even remember post cards with the Kibble Park Fountain on them. The Kibble Park Fountain is iconic to Gosford, let’s bring it back to its former glory rather than waste money on changing the colours of garbage bins.

Email, Mar 26, 2017 Joy Cooper, Green Point

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