Australian Spirit exhibition still has a few days left before relocating

The 2017 Australian Spirit exhibition continues in the Erina Centre Foyer at Erina Library until April 23 and concludes on ANZAC Day with displays in various RSL Club foyers.
The Australian Spirit is a four-year collaboration between visual artists, poets and veterans and returned service personnel.
The idea behind the project has been to capture the story of each veteran in a visual medium and in a poem.
There have been a total of 169 active participants in the Australian Spirit to date and the project has been supported by over 20 associations, organisations and local businesses.
“The momentum that the Australian Spirit project has and is gathering is quite astounding, with participating artists, poets, photographers, veterans and the community championing the project and offering their assistance with the future years,” said organiser and artist, Ms Leasha Craig.

Apr 13, 2017l
Leasha Craig, Art Studios Cooperative