Andrew Church – Christian Democratic Party

Mr Andrew Church has been named Christian Democrat candidate for the Gosford by-electionMr Andrew Church has been named Christian Democrat candidate for the Gosford by-election

“I love a sunburnt country, Umina and Woy Woy too,
I love the Kariong Ridge and Gosford’s magnificent waterfront view.”
We all love living on the Coast.
My wife and I have raised our family here.
But many of us and our neighbours struggle with the cost of living.
That is what hurts.
The cost of petrol, the cost of electricity and the tired roads, drains and lack of gutters.
Labor did nothing about the level crossing in 40 years and the Liberals took away the RTA/RMS office.
Billions are being spent in Sydney on roads and rail but very little on The Peninsula.
What would move you to vote differently this time?
What experience and achievements of mine places me ahead of the others in wanting to serve you as your local State Member of Parliament?
My track record is that I am known as a self starter, a doer, and achiever.
You all know that I have written books, started the Interactive War Museum, and I run staff training courses.
Over a million dollars has gone to War Veterans from the Museum.
There is much more to my track record.
I was, and still am, humbled to be awarded Gosford Citizen of the Year 2016.
What can I actually do you ask?
My answer: to ask as many questions as possible of the Government about why our taxes are not coming back to us.
My track record is evidence that I am an achiever with relevant experience.

Media statement, 30 Mar 2017
Sharon Jones, Christian Democratic Party