Aged care home residents commemorate ANZAC Day early

Ms Liesl Tesch (centre) with residents and guests at Aubrey Downer

Residents of the Aubrey Downer Aged Care Home at Point Clare gathered with relatives to commemorate ANZAC Day on Tuesday, April 18.
Joined by Ms Liesl Tesch, newly elected member for Gosford, and Gosford RSL Sub Branch President, Mr Greg Mawson, the group of residents and staff took the opportunity to remember those that never returned from all wars.
“At the heart of this initiative, we focused on holding a beautiful service for our residents and their families, of which many have been personally touched by war,” said Ms Jacki Downs from the Hall and Prior Health and Aged Care Group.
“As many of our residents are very frail and elderly, they are unable to attend other celebrations around their home towns, which is why it is important for us to provide them with an opportunity to attend a commemoration service in the gardens of their home.”

Event notes,
Apr 18, 2017
Noel Fisher, Photo journalist

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