Western side of Brisbane Water forgotten by Council

I am writing to your newspaper in the hope that Council will do its duty and clean the area up around the overbridge at Point Clare.
We on the western side of Brisbane Water have been denied all forms of repair – no kerb and gutters or footpaths for children to go to the local school.
I am starting to wonder where our money is going, I suppose it’s going to the overpaid public servants.
I ask the Administrator how much is in the coffers?
Our city looks like a garbage dump when you go down Mann St with empty buildings, graffiti everywhere and at some stage smells.
Since drugs have come to the Coast, from Patonga to the northern parts of Wyong, the police are overstretched and need another 30 to 40 officers in which the public have great sympathy, and the people have had just about enough.
It’s the State Government who needs to overhaul the Summary Offences Act and bring back the no drinking in the streets legislation.
Let’s all work together for a better Central Coast and rid ourselves of drunken druggies.

Mar 10, 2017
Robert Findley, Point Clare