Taskforce asks for infrastructure commitments

Mr Chris Holstein and the Central Coast Taskforce are calling on April by-election candidates Ms Jilly Pilon and Ms Liesl Tesch to give their commitment to several infrastructure issues.
Mr Holstein said the Taskforce wanted answers on the Woy Woy Rail Underpass, road upgrades around redeveloped Gosford Hospital, Brisbane Water Dve traffic flow improvements, Peninsula road upgrades and management of the Gosford Waterfront.
“While the needs of the Gosford seat are not limited to these matters, they are matters of major infrastructure importance to the community,” Mr Holstein said.
Mr Holstein also pointed out that Labor have the chance to place on the record early commitments to the seat of Gosford, with only two years to another full state election.
“If Labor’s intention is to whinge and complain about the current government then it will be seen as just hot air and a lack of commitment and substance on Labor’s behalf.
“They must understand that their candidate must bring to the table future commitments, not two more years of nothing.
“As for the Liberals, if they are serious about regaining this seat, the voters are looking for commitment to the future.
“Resting on past glories of hospital redevelopments and just continuing current road works will not cut it with the voters,” Mr Holstein said.

Media release, 15 Mar 2017
Chris Holstein, Central Coast Taskforce