Sea Level Rise a major factor for waterfront construction

Regarding the Performing Arts Centre being built on a reclaimed shale riverbed (Coast Community News, March 9), Ms Kay Williams’ comments on Sea Level Rise (SLR) and traffic flow are supported.
The Gosford waterfront from the high tide mark to Mann St is at risk from sea level rise, flood inundation and king tides.
Any development in this area is at risk.
Developments proposed for the low-lying areas of the waterfront will need to be designed so that they don’t create future costs and risks to the community, nor expose Council (GCC) to legal or insurance risks, and will need to disclose whether the project is a short, medium, or long-term asset.
Sea level rise planning levels were adopted by Gosford City Councillors, not climate scientists or engineers.
The matter of a scientifically-based SLR level is the first and main issue to be resolved, everything else is secondary.
As recently as December 2016, the Department of Planning and Environment had a different SLR policy to GCC.
Ian Reynolds has failed to disclose the Central Coast Council’s adopted SLR level.
What will be the cost of the building, and the infrastructure upgrade, including parking, Dane Dr engineering and sea level rise adaptation projects?
There will need to be another site reserved for a larger avenue as the population of Gosford and the Central Coast expands.
Construction of the PAC will involve an assembly method that enables deconstruction for ongoing use.

Mar 13, 2017,
Norman Harris, Umina

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