Science experiments for Umina students

Students - 'Blue and red coloured water “walks” to make black'Students - 'Blue and red coloured water “walks” to make black'

Students at Umina Beach Public School have been undertaking experiments during their classes recently.

All classes have been watching crystals grow during their library time. Meanwhile students in 3A have been experimenting with melting crayons during art classes. The 3A science unit for Term 1 is “melting moment”. It explores how different substances melt at different temperatures. The class has discovered that one particular brand of crayon melts the fastest using a hair dryer. In 2B, the children discovered that coloured water can “walk” up paper towel and down into an empty cup and then mix together to make a new colour.

Newsletter, 14 Mar 2017 Lyn Davis, Umina Beach Public School