Not impressed with former councillors’ handling of finance matters

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I was reading the Sydney Morning Herald, dated March 13.
The heading on the front page stated “Council merger mayhem as Administrator uncovers $1.4 billion dollar hole”.
This is to do with the former Gosford Council.
In the same paper (page 7), one former Gosford Councillor, Ms Vicki Scott, said she would be interested in what was said at the public meeting, and she also said ‘My biggest issue with the council was that there was not enough reporting with the council that came back to us.
That is the Councillors’ fault.
In my opinion, as a ratepayer, the Councillors have failed in their duties.
If they did not receive reports, they had many options.
Option one: put the CEO on notice, and tell him that all reports will be tabled and signed by him in 14 days.
All reports will be sent to each councillor by registered mail, seven-days before the next council meeting.
Option two: if the reports have not been tabled at said meeting, the CEO should be told to take leave (full pay) and during this time opt for an investigation.
Option three: The CEO should sign a document that states that he will not make contact with his staff.
For the investigation, the councillors should have hired on behalf of Gosford Council, an independent forensic accountant, as well as an independent actuary.
When the councillors receive both reports, they can make a decision on the future of the CEO.
But the councillors did not follow any of those options.
I noted with interest the Central Coast Express Advocate (March 15) stated that the shock findings prompted the Central Coast Council to immediately refer the matter to external agencies, including the NSW Auditor General and the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) for further investigation.
And while the investigation takes place, they should also look at what ratepayers money was invested with Lehman brothers, and what deposits were made, total money and what return, and show the ratepayers an audit report.

Mar 15, 2017
Vic Wulf, Gosford