March in March aims to encourage governments to act in the people’s best interest

The March in March poster

March in March Central Coast takes place on Saturday, March 25, in Gosford, with the aim of achieving the best possible government for all of Australia.
March in March 2017 is an independent, national protest being held in various locations across Australia, organised by independent members of the public devoted to total transparency.
Along with 27,000-plus supporters from Facebook, the group will march in peaceful protest in an appeal to government officials, elected or nonelected, and to political parties to act purely in the interest of good, fair and just government.
A Facebook post from March Australia Central Coast said “We are standing up across the country to let them know that we are sick and tired of the rot, the sell-offs, the attacks on our vulnerable people, our environment, and everything positive that has taken decades to build.
“Australians united for a better Government is a unified call for decency, accountability and transparency from and within all levels of Government in Australia.”
March Australia believes the hasty and heavy-handed approach by the Federal, State and Local Governments has resulted in this call for action and change becoming increasingly imminent and necessary.
They also believe the number of issues of concern to people has also expanded and that Australians are no longer willing to sit back and accept that there is nothing that can be done.
March in March does not restrict the collective goal to a limited list or set of concerns, but instead encourages supporters to march for the issues important to them under the collective sentiment of “Australians united for a better Government”.
The grassroots campaign believes that the March in March allows people from all walks of life the hope of giving Australia a voice beyond the ballot-box, therefore participation by any and all peaceful supporters of the cause is welcome and encouraged.
The event will occur on Saturday, March 25, at Carawah Reserve, Gosford, at 10:30am where they will gather to march across the Brian McGowan Bridge to the Gosford Waterfront.
Speakers will include Dan Turner, Danielle Habib, David Abrahams, Michelle Cashman, Fr Rod Bower and Aunty Robyn Reid.

Media release,
Mar 20, 2017
Jeff Sundstrom, March Australia
Mar 19, 2017
March Australia Central Coast

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