Intoxicated female would not take no for an answer

Around 11pm, Thursday, March 9, police were called to a licensed premises in Gosford by a female who wanted to report staff for rudeness.
On investigation, it turned out that the female had been refused entry by the staff for her intoxication.
Police issued a direction for the female to leave the licensed premises, which she complied with.
Once police completed their inquiries, they walked from the licensed premises to their vehicle.
They then witnessed the female walk back and enter the location she had been directed to leave.
Police spoke to the female and she became aggressive, saying among other things, “I’m not going anywhere”.
The female was arrested and placed in handcuffs before being taken to the Gosford Police Station.
She was issued with a criminal infringement notice for ‘Excluded Person Re-enter Licensed Premises’.

Media release,
Mar 10, 2017
NSW Police Media

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