Holstein will not run in by-election

Former Member for Gosford, Mr Chris Holstein, has declared he will not run as a candidate in the Gosford by-election.
“The reality is I currently hold a number of positions within the not-for-profit sector, organisations that work hard to support those suffering homelessness or escaping domestic violence, assisting those with disabilities and supporting our youth on the Coast,” Mr Holstein said.
“While these commitments are currently short-term, to step away from them at this time with major initiatives and substantial projects in planning or commenced would be something I couldn’t do without a feeling of desertion and of letting good people down,” he said.
“In the end my conscience wouldn’t let me walk away from these important initiatives and projects that have been commenced for those vulnerable sectors of our community.
“This coming by-election for the seat of Gosford has had Labor and Liberal anoint their candidates (by various means) and those selected are of good character, have a story to tell and no doubt will have a desire to make a difference if elected,” Mr Holstein said.
“But this is a by-election, it will not change government nor would it place government in a position to deal with cross benches.
“It’s a two-year term, a difficult time to get up, running, across the issues and needs of the community fully.
“So the community needs to decide in electing an opposition member or one within the government, but either with little to nil political experience.
“In making that choice at the ballot box, the question is: Who will be the most effective?
“The public has a right to expect that whoever is elected to the seat, acts firstly with the community in mind, and not solely under direction of those who anointed them from the parties.
“I wish the candidate’s the best of luck and hope that they are true to themselves first, the community second and the party last.
“Be assured the Central Coast Taskforce will be highlighting the issues of this region and especially those within the Seat of Gosford as agenda items for them to address or ignore at their own peril,” Mr Holstein said.

Email, 10 Mar 2017
Chris Holstein, Central Coast Taskforce