Don’t re-elect Gosford councillors

The long promised and awaited regional library for Gosford still has not progressed passed the draft concept or design stage.

This just shows why we need to put a broom through the old Gosford Council at the next election. They have been talking, planning and collecting levies from the Gosford ratepayers for the past 15 years and still can’t deliver our much needed library.

It would not surprise me that the $8.1 million raised by the levy over the past 15 years has been put towards other areas of council and has not been left to pay for the library it was intended for. The last Council for Gosford should not be re-elected because if that happens the new Central Coast Council will be infested with the same old problems Gosford Council had.

It is time to elect new blood for the Gosford ratepayers so we get the representation we require and deserve.

Email, 21 Feb 2017 Carl Veugen, Umina


First published in Peninsula News, march  6, 2017

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