Delta Electricity strongly rejects any pollution claims

Tip trucks (right) depositing coal on one of the outdoor mounds at Vales Point power stationTip trucks (right) depositing coal on one of the outdoor mounds at Vales Point power station

Delta Electricity has strongly rejected the claims by Environmental Justice Australia about the need for an EPA investigation into air pollution from Vales Point Power Station.
Delta Electricity, the trading name for Sunset Power International Pty Ltd which acquired Vales Point from the NSW Government in 2015 for $1 million, labelled Environmental Justice Australia’s claims as “a gross exaggeration by a group of anti-coal activists”.
Company spokesperson, Mr Steve Gurney, said the Vales Point Power Station had been operating since the 1960s and was subject to strict environmental licence conditions with oversight by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).
“There is nothing new in this,” he said.
“The current truck deliveries from a local mine are routed through internal roads.
“There is a regular dust suppression regime for the stockpile roads, using recycled water where possible, with water then contained on site.
“On this occasion, no dust left the stockpile site, and there was no licence non-compliance,” he said.
“Delta has consulted with the EPA about this particular event and will continue to work with the regulator to ensure good environmental outcomes while meeting the electricity demands of the community.
“Under its environmental licence, Delta also monitors local air quality, and these results are reported to the EPA,” he said.
Mr Gurney rejected suggestions by Environmental Justice Australia that the nearest air quality monitoring was 25 kilometres away as being factually incorrect and deliberately misleading.
“Delta works with both the local mines and the local community on ways to improve operations on the site.
“An example of this can be seen by the significant work that has been undertaken by Delta and the mine to have coal delivered by conveyor from April, 2017.”
Delta also strongly rejected any suggestion about a lack of investment in the Power Station.
“Over the next two years, Delta will spend in excess of $55 million on plant investments alone,” Mr Gurney said.
“Maintenance outages continue to be conducted on the same frequency as occurred in the past, and major projects that will continue operations beyond 2022 are underway.”
“Delta takes its environmental responsibilities and its relationship with the local community very seriously.
“Delta maintains a constructive relationship with its nearby community, conducting quarterly forums which include inspections and information on plant updates.
“Delta has nothing to hide from the local community.
“An allegation from a Victorian based environment group with an anti-coal platform should not be taken to represent community sentiment.”

Media release,
Feb 28, 2017
Steve Gurney, Delta Electricity