Delphis Australia to amalgamate with Integrated Living Australia

Aged care service provider, Delphis Australia, has announced its plans to amalgamate with Integrated Living Australia.
Delphis Australia CEO Ms Robyn Parker said the organisation was proud to have served the Central Coast community since 1986.
“Originally Delphis was established as a small Home and Community Care State Government funded dementia day care program, and over recent years, Delphis has become a respected home care and disability organisation that develops and delivers high quality services,” Ms Parker said.
“To secure the future of Delphis’ services, the Board recently undertook a strategic review of the organisation,” she said.
“They looked at what we need to be doing now, and well into the future, to fulfil our vision and mission in order to be a leading provider of aged care and disability services.
“To realise our vision, and to meet the needs of the community, we know that we need to develop and operate an integrated range of aged care and community services.
“It was agreed that Delphis should amalgamate with an organisation that met or exceeded the Board’s selection criteria.
“Subsequently Integrated Living Australia Ltd was identified as an organisation that aligns with the values, culture and service offerings of Delphis.
“An amalgamation with Integrated Living Australia, commencing from March 1, ensures that current and future customers of Delphis will be able to access a range of high quality aged care and health care services.
“Together, as one organisation, we will be positioned for the new customer-driven, competitive market place that we are entering.
“By combining the best of what each organisation has to offer, we will be at the forefront of service innovation, digital technology and business strategies.
“The amalgamation will be managed in a way that ensures total continuity of services for all our clients.
“There will be no change during this phase to the current services offered by Delphis,” Ms Parker said.

Jan 20, 2017
Robyn Parker, Delphis Australia

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