Delays in finalising Council accounts raises red flags

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After reading the disturbing article, “Accurate Finalisation of Gosford Accounts Crucial” in Coast Community News, it beggars belief that the communities of the former Gosford Council area could think that if the old councillors were re-elected on September 9, 2017, that this distasteful situation would not continue.
It has been almost 12 months since the Council was stood down due to the amalgamation of the two Councils.
The comment was made that the auditor needs more time due to auditors not being familiar with Gosford’s system.
This raises red flags.
When this audit is done, hopefully prior to the election, it will show what the last Council was doing with their books.
The Administrator, CEO and the Minister have commented on backlogs, rate increases and shortfalls, all of which point to something fishy.
I implore the communities of the old Gosford Council electorate not to fall into the trap of the ‘people we know’ attitude when deciding who to vote for in the upcoming council election.

Feb 28, 2017
Carl Veugen, Umina Beach

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