Chamber finally speaks up about Waterfront as an election issue

The future of the Gosford Waterfront is quickly becoming a by-election issue as both the Gosford-Erina and Coastal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Peninsula Chamber, call for a bigger picture approach to its development and management.
“Last week, we secured a meeting with the NSW Deputy Premier, Mr John Barilaro, and the Minister for Planning, Mr Anthony Roberts,” said Gosford-Erina and Coastal Chamber President, Ms Alison Vidler.
“We spoke about the long history of planning for the waterfront and the many plans that we have seen and heard of throughout the years,” Ms Vidler said.
“We stated that it was now time for action and we needed Local Government and State Government to work together to help us make this a reality,” she said.
“We need a plan that ticks all the boxes, at least most, from the 2010 Master Plan for the ‘actual’ Waterfront itself.
“The plan needs to also have a component of giving back to the community with green space, community facilities and the like.
“Just as important, the plan needs to have the right financial backing so that we don’t have more land banking currently happening in our City.
“We have also had many discussions with Central Coast Council.
“They too have also stressed the need for the Waterfront to progress.
“We have been assured that this is one of their top priorities, as seen at their recent developers’ forum held last month.”
Ms Vidler said there had been discussions around the need for a local “authority” to be formed to manage the Waterfront “but the Chamber believes that with Local Government and State Government now in discussions about the Waterfront, that this is the best course of action at this point in time.
“Sometimes an appointed authority does not give a good balance.
“We will continue to follow this through with both levels of Government.
“There are many exciting times ahead for our Capital City”, Ms Vidler said.
The tender for the rest of the old school site will be announced very soon.
“After speaking with DOMA Group, the ATO is on track.
“Bonython Towers is selling very well along with other exciting apartments around the CBD.
“We have large companies who we are in discussions with who are looking to relocate their entire manufacturing plants here.
“Cellate, who presented at our February event, is just one example,” she said.
“In saying this though, we need more than just apartments.
“We need the actual Waterfront activated to help sustain all the apartment growth in and around the CBD.
“We need jobs, we need state of the art conference and hotel facilities and other vital infrastructure to help our Capital City’s future and the future as a region.”
She said the Chamber was looking forward to meeting with the candidates for the April 8 Seat of Gosford by-election “and continuing the spotlight on Gosford, Erina and Terrigal members as a whole and supporting the initiatives being taken by relevant stakeholders.”

Media release,
Mar 21, 2017
Alison Vidler, Gosford-Erina and Coastal Chamber
Mar 22, 2017
Claire Braund, Gosford Waterfront Alliance
Jackie Pearson, journalist

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