Business Chamber disappointed

The Peninsula Chamber of Commerce has expressed its disappointment with the Liberal Party pre-selection for the upcoming by-election for the Seat of Gosford.

Mr Matthew Wales, President of the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce said: “We are disappointed with the pre-selection of Ms Jill Pilon for the up-coming by-election in Gosford. “We understand that Ms Pilon does not live in the electorate and does not have any long-standing ties with our local community,” Mr Wales said. With over 50,000 registered voters in the State Seat of Gosford, Mr Wales said he believed it was disappointing to think that the NSW Liberal Party could not find a local candidate and instead had to resort to recruiting from outside the electorate. “Now more than ever, it is important to ensure that both major parties nominate local candidates especially ones that fully understand local issues,” he said.


More to come in the printed editions Peninsula News, Coast Community News & Wyong Chronicle. 

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