Article has blatant errors and misleading statements

Having just read your story on the Wallarah 2 project in the Wyong Regional Chronicle, we feel obliged to comment on the blatant errors and misleading statements that litter its content, that suggests you have been badly informed.

The story falsely states that the DPE has conceded subsidence caused by Wallarah 2 would be massive, and would have an adverse impact on the water catchment, causing a loss of drinking water. To set the record straight, the DPE Addendum report makes no such statement, either direct or by inference. Nevertheless, false and infl ammatory rhetoric provided, presumably by project opponents, is littered throughout the piece and reported as if it were fact. Whilst there is an incredulous multitude of false and misleading statements, and a lack of understanding of draft consent condition obligations throughout the story, perhaps the most blatant but easily discoverable misinformation relates to the PAC recommendation of June 2014, where the story states: “In 2014, they would not approve the mine because of uncertainty in being able to guarantee the security of the water supply”. In fact, the PAC Review Report of June 2014 clearly states: “Turning to the merits of the project as a whole, the Commission considers that, if the r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s concerning improved strategies to avoid, mitigate or manage the predicted impacts of the project are adopted, then there is merit in allowing the project to proceed”. Further, PAC made approval r e c o m m e n d a t i o n s regarding water and other matters which were fully supported by the project; recommendations which have now been given prescriptive fl esh in DPE’s draft conditions; again fully supported by the project. Given the right of the community to a balanced and truthful account of matters relating to the Wallarah 2 Project, it would be appreciated if in future, the Wyong Regional Chronicle checks its facts carefully prior to publication and affords the project’s proponents an opportunity to comment rather than avoiding their input.

Email, Mar 14, 2017 Kenny Barry, Wallarah 2 Ed.

NB: While Wyong Regional Chronicle has published this letter because of its open forum policy, it does not necessarily agree with its contents and will publish a full comprehensive report with both sides of the argument in a forthcoming edition.