Unique environment not being maintained at Point Frederick

I note with interest that Gosford Council is committed to maintaining our unique environment (Central Coast Council Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, in Coast Matters, January).
Nice words, but difficult to believe, especially if you live in Point Frederick.
Attracted by its unique environment, I moved here in the middle of last year.
I anticipated that, over time, there would be a gradual increase in medium density housing.
Instead, I find that I am surrounded by building projects for multiple high-rise towers, turning a quiet, convenient location into what looks like being a construction zone for the next 10 years, with ever-increasing noise and traffic congestion.
A selfish concern I know; there are many more troubling issues in our world.
But let’s be honest about what is happening.
I ask once again that building in the area be limited to three storeys.
At the very least, could Council mandate that substantial planting of native trees be part of any development?
The Administrator further adds Council’s commitment to enhancing community facilities, developing open space and recreation assets.
So why is a tax office being built on prime land, land considered too valuable for a primary school, rather than a community facility such as a performing arts centre?

Feb 6, 2017
Libby Checkley, Point Frederick