Regional Library has funding shortfall

Has the Gosford Regional Library ever been anything more than just another cynical thought bubble by a blundering Gosford Council?
Put aside for a moment the question of whether emerging technology has negated the requirement for this civic edifice which would likely be empty the majority of the time.
Former Mayor, Mr Lawrie McKinna, backed the project, however failed to explain where the “missing” $35 million in funding is to come from, just like the Kibbleplex.
The community was sold a concept with lots of impressive drawings but no substance, our elected councillors went along for the ride.
Did even one of them ever ask how the library was meant to be funded, given Gosford Council’s precarious financial position?
The regional library proposal has been “on the cards” for over 20 years.
Residents have been levied to fund the $8.1 million held by Council, (a Council which has skimmed the interest from the levy to other areas so the principal amount has not increased with inflation) and with the Federal Government providing $7 million, a total of $15 million, so in their wisdom, Gosford Council announces a $50 million promise.
I trust our amalgamated Council will act with more prudence than was displayed by the previous one.
Residing in a community that lacks basic infrastructure like so many other local communities, I hope so.

Feb 18, 2017
Craig Hillman, Empire Bay