Vote for fresh ideas for the whole Coast

Regarding Mr Bruce Hyland’s letter from the November 14 issue: I must agree with Mr Hyland that if the existing councillors, especially from the Gosford Council, stand for re-election and the community votes them back in, then more fool us.

The way to see our region fulfi l its potential is to have a clean slate of the majority of councillors, then the community needs to elect people with vision and commitment for the entire region to make this wonderful place we call home prosper and thrive into the future. We need people with the understanding of the entire Coast not just their own back yards, and people who have demonstrated that they have the commitment and passion to make the right decisions for the future of the region. So people of the Peninsula please don’t just vote for the ones you know but look at the candidates who are willing to do the best for the Coast as a whole with fresh ideas regarding the community and the environment.

Email, 30 Nov 2016 Carl Veugen, Umina

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