Last Brackets and Jam South for the year to be a big one

Brackets and Jam Kincumba MountainBrackets and Jam Kincumba Mountain

The last Brackets and Jam South for the year will be held at Kincumba Mountain on Friday, December 16.

Mr Noel Plummer said Brackets and Jam were expecting to see their biggest crowd for the year. InRhythm will kick off the night at 7:30pm, followed by Eleanore Plummer, who will be performing solo for the fi rst time in her career. The Little Quirks Band, a trio of siblings, are an allgirls band comprised of two sisters, Abby and Mia, and cousin Jaymi, who will be performing at 8:15pm. The BluesAngels, formed in 2010 to bring original and authentic acoustic folk blues/jazz/roots to the Central Coast and beyond, will be hitting the stage at 9:30pm. The last Drum jam, will fi nish the event at 10:45pm. The Brackets South event takes place on top beautiful Kincumba Mountain. The Mountain itself holds a strong signifi cance for our Aboriginal community, and has been a long standing meeting place for Central Coast people. The Mountain now gives birth to many new beginnings as the hub of creative community arts in the southern Central Coast region.

Media release, Dec 12, 2016 Noel Plummer, Brackets and Jam South

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