Gosford makes national top 10 for NBN complaints

Crossed wires on NBN locally

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s annual report has revealed Gosford falls into the national top 10 for complaints about the national broadband network (NBN).

Senator Deborah O’Neill said complaints about the internet and NBN service almost doubled in the past fi nancial year, with Gosford coming in 10th place for the number of complaints lodged. “The number of complaints for slow data speeds, unusable services and drop outs increased 147.8 per cent nationally, compared with the previous year,” Sen O’Neill said. In a speech to Parliament on December 7, Senator O’Neill spoke of a waiver NBN customers have to sign which relinquishes any liability from the service provider if a connection cannot be secured.

“The market knows what this government is trying to hide from ordinary Australians,” she said. “The NBN that takes fi bre to a node and then forces it down a copper pipe to your house is like shooting a super highway to somewhere near you and then forcing you onto an information goat track in the last century,” Ms O’Neill said.

Media release, Nov 17, 2016 Scott Coomber, office of Deborah O’Neill Speech, Dec 8, 2016 Senator Deborah O’Neill