Willoughby Rd petition presented to Federal Parliament

Lucy Wicks presenting the petition to Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren ChesterLucy Wicks presenting a petition to Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester

The petition to fix the dangerous stretch of Willoughby Rd at Wamberal was presented in Federal Parliament on September 1, by Member for Robertson, Ms Lucy Wicks.

After two sudden and fatal incidents in her electorate, the online petition was started by local nurse, Ms Lindy Hewett, on the website Change.org. Ms Hewett has no connection with the families who lost their lives on this road, however she sees the danger that Willoughby Rd presents to the people of Wamberal and wants to ensure that improvements are made to prevent further fatalities. Local residents refer to the dangerous stretch of road as “The Dip” with RMS fi gures revealing that it has been the scene of 20 incidents over the past decade, including 12 resulting in injuries and one fatality. Improvements called for include: the levelling of the stretch of road and for traffi c calming measures to be installed between Windsor Rd and Selma Cls.

“I spoke to a number of local residents who are concerned about the impact and the dangers of this location on the Scenic Hwy,” Ms Wicks said. Ms Wicks went on to explain that someone has even taken their time to write the words “slow down” in white spray paint onto the surface to the approaching bend. “It’s a powerful reminder and a poignant warning,” Ms Wicks said. When Ms Wicks received the petition from Ms Hewett, it contained more than 5,000 signatures, 1,500 comments and had over 220 pages. “While we know it’s not going to be fi xed overnight, my commitment is that I am certainly not going to rest until it’s done. “I know this community won’t allow us to rest until it’s done either,” Ms Wicks said. Mother of Jackson Williams, the 17 year old who lost his life there, Ms Michelle Williams, begged people to listen to the community. “As a resident of the Coast all my life I am aware of the dip on the road and the notoriety of it. “I want to scream but who will hear me? “Please sign to help prevent further loss of life,” Ms Williams said.

Media Release, Sep 1, 2016 Tim Sowden, Offi ce of Lucy Wicks MP