West and North Gosford water contract let

A key 'Water Lift' project contract has been awarded.A key 'Water Lift' project contract has been awarded.

Kerroc Constructions Pty Ltd has been granted the contract for Reservoirs Valve Pit Construction in West and North Gosford.

Works under the contract form part of the Mardi High Lift Pump Station project. The Mardi High Lift Pump Station project aims to provide for the automated and effi cient transfer of water between the Wyong and Gosford systems. The works involve the automation of existing valves on the transfer mains at North and West Gosford reservoirs.

The contractor will be required to install two valve pits at North Gosford reservoir, and one valve pit at West Gosford reservoir, and to fit motors to the valves within the pits. A non-mandatory pretender meeting was held on site on June 7 to allow tenderers to become familiar with site conditions. Tenders were received from (in alphabetical order): Carey Constructions; Gongues Constructions Pty Ltd; Kerroc Constructions Pty Ltd; Quay Civil Pty Ltd; and Scape Constructions Pty Ltd.

All submissions were assessed. According to a report to the August 24 ordinary meeting of the Central Coast Council, suffi cient funds were allocated for this contract within the 2016- 2017 capital works program. The contract was been assessed as a low to medium risk contract but its value has been kept secret from rate payers and other tenderers.

Agenda item 2.6, Aug 24, 2016 Central Coast Council ordinary meeting