Celebration of diversity is politics from the pulpit

The item in the August 25 Coast Community News, Archdeacon Fr Rod Bower responds with a celebration of diversity, is politics from the pulpit.

Supporting Fr Rod Bower are the NSW Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism, Ms Sophie Cotsis and the NSW Minister for Multiculturalism Mr John Ajaka. There is political comment from Government Ministers, but not from local church ministers. It is reasonable to assume that local church leaders choose to leave political campaigning to politicians and direct their energy to church matters and activities. Fr Rod Bower’s amended job description must include free range political activism and engagement without restrictions. Rank has its privileges. Very strange indeed.

I would expect the proximity of the church to the outward expanding CBD and the abundance of planning issues reported in every issue of the Coast Community News to be of greater concern. It will not be long before survival of the church is a topic on the public notice board. Will politicians support the campaign? Can Fr Bower rely on their support? It depends on the issue. What is the development potential of the Anglican Church site to the closest million? It must be on developer’s radar.

Letter, Sep 2, 2016 Norman Harris, Umina

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