Tender let for Somersby Industrial Park upgrade

SomersbyTreasurer Scott Morrison, Lucy Wicks MP, CEO Paul Anderson &Mayor Lawrie McKinna discuss plans at Somersby.

Central Coast Council has accepted a tender from Ourimbah based Milbant Constructions Pty Ltd for Stage One of the Somersby Falls Rd, Somersby Industrial Park upgrade.

The Tender Evaluation Report remained confi dential in accordance with section 11(3) of the Local Government Act 1993, as the report contained commercial information of a confi dential nature. Council has entered into a deed of agreement under the National Stronger Regions Fund program for infrastructure upgrades within Somersby Industrial Park. Part of the identifi ed works included the upgrade of storm water drainage, sewer, water mains and roadway along Somersby Falls Rd, between Myoora Rd and Yanda Rd.

The contract plan for the tender process was approved by the former Manager, Construction Planning and Management, before the request for tender was issued. The tender was advertised in the Sydney Morning Herald and Tenderlink on June 7 and locally on June 8, but not in this newspaper. The invitation documents called for lump sum tenders, based on a detailed specification. A non-mandatory pretender meeting was held on site on June 15 to allow tenderers to become familiar with site conditions. Tender submissions were received from Delcare Constructions Pty Ltd, Diona Pty Ltd, Josa Constructions Pty Ltd, Kerroc Constructions Pty Ltd, Keller Civil Engineering Pty Ltd, Milbant Constructions Pty Ltd and Scape Constructions Pty Ltd.

All submissions were assessed in accordance with the pre-determined approved tender evaluation plan criteria. A report prepared for the August 24 council meeting said that sufficient funds had been allocated for the contract within the 2016/2017 capital works program. “These funds have been sourced in part from the National Stronger Regions Fund program,” the report said. No public consultation specific to the contract was necessary and none occurred. The value of the winning tender has been kept from the community and other losing tenderers.

Agenda item 2.3, Aug 24, 2016 Central Coast Council ordinary meeting