Honeymoon is over for illegal smokers

Letters to the editor

Dear Forum, do you think anything will ever be done about people that have no respect for others, i.e. smoking at bus stops and shelters?

I’ve been at Gosford main stop for buses and drongos sit down next to me and light up a cigarette. I’ve been at Woy Woy rail bus stop when a police vehicle drove through and several smokers just put their cigarettes behind their backs. The honeymoon should be over. People have had enough warnings since the no smoking legislation came in. I think local commanders should get some young officers into plain clothes working the beat at bus stops and train stations in Woy Woy and Gosford. No warnings anymore. Just book the offenders. A few fi nes might give the offenders a sense of respect for others and the law. Just a couple of days a week, on different days, for a few months. They should get the message.

Letter, Jul 8, 2016 John Airey, Point Clare

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