Gosford Greyhound Racing to fight government ban

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Representatives of Gosford Greyhound Racing met with other members of Greyhound Breeders Owners and Trainers (GBOTA) NSW on Tuesday, July 12, to discuss their response to the NSW Government’s ban on greyhound racing which will come into effect from July 1, 2017.

Operations manager for Gosford Greyhound Racing, Ms Rachael Harrington, said GBOTA, along with other industry representatives, had formed a strategy committee and will fight the state government’s ban. Ms Harrington said Gosford Greyhound Racing would offer the public free entry to its meeting on Tuesday, July 19, which would be attended by member for The Entrance, Mr David Mehan. Greyhounds Australasia CEO, Mr Scott Parker, expressed shock that the NSW Government had decided to shut down greyhound racing.

“I’m shocked this has happened and disappointed for the many thousands of people in the NSW industry that have only ever done the right thing,” Mr Parker said. “It is important to note that the circumstances in each state are very different. “For example, twelve months ago, the state governments in Victoria and Queensland approved recommendations from their own inquiries that would set new requirements for those industries to continue. “These are mandated changes and the controlling authorities in both of these states are now significantly advanced with their reform programs. “Several state governments have announced their strong support for the continuance of greyhound racing. “Since the February 2015 ‘4 Corners’ program aired, the new managers of the industry in every state and territory have made meaningful and substantial reforms.

“Every one of them is placing animal welfare at the centre of the decisions they are making. “Eradicating unnecessary euthanasia is the central plank of our national vision and is being reflected in changed rules, policies, practices and standards that continue to be put in place in each state,” Mr Parker said.

Interview, Jul 12, 2016 Rachael Harrington, Gosford Greyhound Racing Media release, Jul 7, 2016 Scott Parker, Greyhounds Australasia Jackie Pearson, journalist 

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