10th International Highland Dancing Championships to be the biggest

Competitors from previous championship

Central Coast Highland Dancing Inc. are preparing for the 10th International Highland Dancing Championships, to be held at the Niagara Park Stadium, from July 29 to August 1.

Central Coast Highland Dancing Inc. chairman, Mr Douglas McFarland, said the group was thrilled to celebrate 10 years of highland dancing in Australia. “It feels like only yesterday that we were announcing the first ever International Highland Dancing Championships. “Now we are in the final stages of planning for the 10th event, now a four-day International Festival which attracts Highland Dance enthusiasts from all over Australia and many corners of the world,” Mr McFarland.

“The event is responsible for millions of dollars injected into the local economy and on top of the economic boost, the event puts the spotlight on our fabulous Gosford City and Central Coast Region. “In 2016, the festival will be its biggest yet as we welcome hundreds of visitors to help us paint the town Tartan”, he added. The Championships are renowned for the calibre of judges, with 2016s panel including: Ms Anne Donlan (USA), Ms Alison Grace-Conchie (South Africa), Ms Lynelle McAtee (Australia), Ms Cheryl Roach (Australia), Ms Shendl Russell (Scotland), Mr Bill Trook (Canada), and Ms Lisa Turner (Australia).

The event kicks off with the Scottish Fling Gala, a choreography competition that fuses traditional forms of dance with modern stylings, on July 29.

The following weekend competitors take to the floor to defend or claim a competition title as well as compete for individual dance placings and a take part in $25,000 of cash and prizes. The competitors will dance a traditional fl ing, swords, seann triubhas, lilt, fl ora, jig, and hornpipe. There is also a team event for the Premier Broadswords and the awarding of the John McFarland Memorial Hornpipe Medal. There are more than 75 perpetual trophies that will be handed out over the weekend.

Media release, Jul 11, 2016 Joshua Lucas, Central Coast Highland Dancing Inc.