Changed free car parking arrangements in Gosford

According to the Central Coast Council, very low usage and the availability of other free parking in Gosford’s city centre will see the former Kibbleplex site’s commuter car park close on weekends.

From June 11, the operating hours for the site’s 400 free commuter car parks will change to Monday to Friday, between 5.30am and 9pm each weekday. Central Coast Council’s Director of Community Growth, Ms Judy Jaeger, said that except for major city centre events, the commuter car park was virtually empty on weekends. “We also expect that closing the car park on Saturdays and Sundays will reduce some of the security issues at the site,” Ms Jaeger said.

Council will continue to liaise with the site’s new owner to have the car park opened at certain times on those weekends when a major event is being held. “I can also assure the community that we’re continuing to develop a long-term car parking strategy for Gosford’s CBD,” Ms Jaeger added. “This strategy will look at a number of options including possible changes to Council’s current Baker St car park, potential sites for new car parks, as well as lobbying the NSW Government to provide more parking to support all its facilities and services in Gosford,”

Ms Jaeger concluded. Media release, Jun 6, 2016 Central Coast Council Media

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