150 music students prepare for HSC

Central Coast music students converged in Narara Valley High School for a day of fi ne tuning, in readiness for the 2016 HSC exams.

150 students from 15 Central Coast high schools attended the day-long study session. There was a combination of catholic, private and state school students who came from all across the Central Coast to work together on building their listening, composition, performance and musicology skills by getting feedback from experienced HSC markers. There are two parts to the HSC music examination: the practical examinations and the aural listening exam. The practical examinations will take place in Term 3. During these exams, every music student has to perform at least one piece of music and then present three other practical elective submissions that represent any combination of performance, composition or musicology. The aural exam takes place during the HSC exam period in October. This is the second day of the exam period, straight after the fi rst English exam.

Newsletter, May 19, 2016 Donna James, Deputy principal Henry Kendall High School