Arts Party seeks votes for the arts

Victoria Fi Hopkins Arts Party candidate

The Arts Party is currently undertaking crowd funding via to raise $35,000 for its campaign, which is supported by high-profile national names including Bryan Brown, Ben Quilty and Lex Marinos.

Ms Hopkins is currently one of 10 federal candidates featured as part of the party’s crowd funding campaign, which has so far raised over $28,000. “In any given time or place arts is the barometer of society,” Ms Hopkins said, reflecting on her reasons for stepping forward to run for the Arts Party, “It tells our story, teaches our past, and touches our future in ways that reach everyone. Society today is at a cross-roads.”

“There is an ever more pressing need to focus on our humanity, our sociology, the building of community, connectivity, strengthening our family and our home. “Standing as a candidate for the Arts Party reflects my personal commitment to always stare fear in the face and use it as a catalyst for change. “In my home town of Gosford, our long awaited Regional Performing Arts Precinct is on the horizon. “However, a price tag has been put on our community by commercial interests. “We, as a community, need to demand our community public space. “It is not to be sacrificed for a bureaucratic playground.”

Media release, May 3, 2016 Fiona Hopkins, Arts Party candidate for Robertson