New development applications for over 1,000 residential units

New development applications for over 1,000 residential units and at least $327 million worth of residential and mixed-use developments are currently being considered by Gosford Council.

Those figures are made up of just 10 development applications that were lodged with council by April 15. Some development applications may have been lodged just in time to benefi t from Gosford Council’s 30 per cent bonus fl oor space ratio and height incentive which was due to expire on April 2. The bonus scheme applied to developments within the Gosford City Centre Development Incentive Area.

Clause 8.9 of the Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2014 (LEP) made the floor space ratio and height incentives possible. Gosford’s deputy mayor, Cr Craig Doyle said development applications are made available on council’s website as they come in and the recent infl ux is indicative of: “the confi dence in the council and the area and the community. “There have been quite a number of incentives for developers to take advantage of and that may have led to a rush towards the end of that period but it hasn’t just happened this week. “Over the past 18 months, there has been a huge push to seek approvals for outstanding developments within the CBD,” Cr Doyle said.

Interview, Apr 20, 2016 Craig Doyle, Gosford Council

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