NAISDA welcomes two internationally renowned choreographers

The NAISDA Dance College at Kariong has opened its doors to two internationally renowned choreographers, founder and executive artistic director of US dance company Dance Iquail!, Mr Iquail Shaheed, and Canadian dancer and founder of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, Ms Santee Smith.

Mr Shaheed is commencing his cultural residency at NAISDA for the fourth year, where he will be teaching the dynamic Horton technique to NAISDA’s Developing Artists, while Ms Smith is visiting the college over two days to share Canadian Aboriginal dance styles. Both accomplished teachers and artists, Mr Shaheed has appeared in various Broadway productions including Hot Feet and The Lion King, while Ms Smith’s signifi cant contributions to dance have earned her a multitude of awards including the Ontario Arts Council’s KM Hunter Award for Dance.

Chief executive officer of NAISDA, Mr Kim Walker, said he was excited for Mr Shaheed and Ms Smith to lend their skills to NAISDA’s Developing Artists and share their knowledge of dance. “Iquail came highly recommended by the Ailey school in New York and has been instrumental in raising the bar in training at NAISDA over recent years,” Mr Walker said. “We are excited to once again welcome Iquail to our college, he is a worldclass teacher and makes such a positive impact on our developing artists, not simply due to his skill, but also his obvious passion for teaching. “He will help NAISDA become the leader of Horton delivery in Australia. “We are also thrilled to welcome Santee to NAISDA,” he continued. “A renowned international performer and one of the most infl uential Indigenous artists in Canada, our developing artists are looking forward to learning this Canadian Aboriginal style,” Mr Walker concluded.

Media release, Feb 29, 2016 Allison Oren, Brilliant Logic