Local Authors give you a chance to win

Book Cover - in print and on Kindle

The Coast Community News and Monkey Business would like to give six readers the chance to win a copy of Monkey Business, a novel by two local authors, Flavia Ursino and Kevin Coleman.

Monkey Business is subtitled ‘A story of soulmates and primates’. The main character, 27-year-old Estelle Goldstein is sent on an assignment to investigate the devastation of AIDS in South Africa. There she encounters virologist Dr Mabunda, once esteemed but now an alcoholic harbouring a dark past. Estelle returns home to her family and its offbeat dynamics but ends up rushed to hospital from her father’s mansion. Suspended between life and death, she experiences a series of foreboding dreams then wakes to a new awareness. A fated encounter with the charismatic Ryan Knight unravels over time to bring light to a dark secret.

To win your copy of Monkey Business write your full name and address and a day time telephone number on the back of an envelope and send it to Coast Community News Monkey Business Competition, PO Box 1056 Gosford NSW 2250.

Entries close 5pm Tuesday, March 8.