Imperial Centre has big plans for the future

Lederer Property is focused on quality rather than quantity when it comes to finding new tenants for the revamped Imperial Centre in Gosford.

General manager of property for Lederer Property, Mr Marek Ristwej, said the company had taken the view that the Imperial Centre’s recent $20 million refurbishment was “a key aspect and signifi cant contribution to” the rebirth of Gosford as the Central Coast’s capital city. “It takes time and the refurbishment has been the catalyst to attract local and international tenants but we are wanting to attract the right tenants,” Mr Ristwej said.

“It is one point to fill vacancies, and let me tell you we could fi ll them tomorrow, but we would rather spend the time and concentrate on doing the right thing. He said the White Niche boutique was an example of a new, local operator who contributed a new feel to the centre. “We love partnering with the local community to come into the centre and enjoy dwell time,” he said. “We are proud to have Bonds coming into the centre in a brand new store and outlet. He listed White Niche, Prouds, SubWay and Go Nature as new tenants of the calibre

Lederer were looking for to fill the new-look retail centre in Mann St. “We have achieved a 19 per cent foot traffi c increase and that is just in the last month, which just goes to show if you do it the right way you get a signifi cant ioncrease,” he said. Mr Ristwej said Woolworths had recently signed off on new signage as part of the Imperial Centre’s rebranding. Within its 15 to 20 year timeframe for completion of the Gosford Alive project, the Lederer Group will develop a larger retail centre on the Imperial Centre site. “We will develop a larger centre here in footprint and what that means is we will probably look at a different confi guration, with a net increase of retail across the three precincts,” he said.

Interview, Feb 24, 2016 Marek Ristwej, Lederer Property

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