Bus service required at night

Letter to the editor

Premier Mike Baird, alias the Smiling Assassin, is spending millions but there are hundreds of aged pensioners who live between Point Clare and Gosford who can’t visit relatives or travel to Sydney or Newcastle as they can’t afford to get a cab home each time.

The Smiling Assassin won’t run a bus of a night (just one) between Woy Woy and Gosford. He says he has nothing to do with infrastructure and we should see the transport minister. The pensioners, who are still alive or haven’t moved away because of it, have been trying to get a bus of a night for over 30 years, so that they may even go out of a night for dinner, once in a while. We have been trying.

The last letter in reply from the Smiling Assassin went through the member for Hawkesbury. The Hon. Drongo, wrote, “It is my understanding that a bus from Woy Woy to Gosford is not needed to run of a night” but he is nowhere near the electorate concerned. Mr Baird may as well have asked the member for Broken Hill to write to us. A bus might happen one day, but not in our life time. We (aged pensioners) will throw in $5 a week out of our pension, if it will help.

Email, Feb 9, 2016 John Airey, Point Clare