Calling all Bournemouth supporters

A new club for Central Coast supporters of the Athletic Football Club (AFC) Bournemouth will be launched on the Central Coast on Saturday, February 13.

A seven-a-side match will take place at Future Football, Tumbi Umbi, a friendly match between AFC Bournemouth Supports and Mariners Supporters. The launch will continue at Sidelines Sports Grill, Erina, with celebrations to commence when the live game between AFC Bournemouth and Stock City FC starts.

AFC Supporters Club founder Mr Tim Watt said: “We are hoping to gather as many AFC Bournemouth, Central Coast Mariners and Premier League supporters as possible at both venues.

“If you have yet to choose an EPL side and you like an exciting attacking football, then you will be pleasantly surprised with AFC Bournemouth’s style of play”, Tim said.

Media release, Feb 2, 2016 Tim Watt, AFC Bournemouth Supporters Club