Avoca author to launch new book

Avoca Beach author, Mr Warren Henry, is an expert in a topic that concerns so many people who are around retirement age: How do you pass on what’s been important in your lifetime to your children and their children?

He is not just referring to property or family valuables, but to the memories, keepsakes, ancestral stories and traditions that made your family what it is. How can you recognise this, gather it all together, then ensure it gets passed on in a meaningful and ongoing manner?

His new book, ‘The Ark in Your Pocket’ is an attempt to answer those questions and Charter Press has announced it as their featured release for 2016. “It’s about how you can help your children and grandchildren learn who they are and where they came from,” Mr Henry said.

“And how you can produce an entertaining and enduring family legacy that today’s generations will love and that future generations will be fascinated by,” he said..

Warren Henry’s life has included eight years in navy counter intelligence, 24 years as a private investigator, 11 years in hospitality, eight years as a life skills and management trainer, 24 years in winemaking and export, 28 years as a musician, two years film production, seven years sailing, 11 years instructing martial arts, seven years as an aviator, and 15 years in motor sport.

He considers his most interesting role has been 28 years as a parent. He’s managed to squeeze in a lot of other things too. Warren’s life has been one of curiosity about the fascinating world in which we live and our amazing human journey through time.

This is why he is so passionate about writing of the things he’s noticed along his life journey. Warren lives with Julie, his wife of 23 years in Avoca Beach, and has three adult children.

Media release, Feb 22, 2016 Warren Henry, Avoca Beach