Sick of broken promises

One of our readers points out that the Central Coast is different than SydneyOne of our readers points out that the Central Coast is different than Sydney

I have lived in Gosford for 35 years.

We had a Grace Bros, a cinema and many other specialty stores and Gosford was a great place to live. Now we’ve been promised a training facility for nurses, a new library, a new building where Froggies used to be and a Performing Arts Centre where Gosford Public School was.

My grand children moved out of the school after many of the local parents took up several petitions to save the school, being ultimately unsuccessful in those attempts.

We were upset over the school’s closure after 100 years of service to the community but when we were told that it would be replaced by a Performing Arts Centre, we thought that this was a great idea as a Performing Arts Centre was something that is needed and would be used.

Once again, all promises have been broken. Gosford is forever being left behind. The water front is wasted – no new development has been commenced for many years.

Gosford doesn’t need a new taxation office but it does need the promised Performing Arts Centre. Just once in my life it would be nice if politicians actually stuck to a promise.

In the event that the proposed taxation offi ce does get the go ahead, then I will do all I can to get every student of the Gosford Primary School to sit on the land where the old school resided until the development approval is overturned.

Letter, Oct 11, 2015
Jacqui Walls, North