School to have family liaison officer

A family liaison officer will be introduced to Our Lady of the Rosary primary school in Wyoming according to principal Mr Frank Cohen

“For 2016 and 2017, the school will have a family liaison officer (FLO) for two days per week,” Mr Cohen said.

“The role of this person will be to offer counselling and pastoral support services for our school families who may experience difficult personal circumstances that are impacting their general flow of life.

“We will still have the services of a counsellor, but the FLO will be able to better support all of the pointy end needs of families,” he said. This decision came after the departure of Sister Geraldine from the school.

“Upon moving to the school this year I have heard many times over, what a loss Sister Geraldine has been to our school and the pastoral support she offered our families. “Whilst I can’t replace Sister Geraldine, I believe I have been able to secure the next best option,” Mr Cohen said.

Newsletter, Nov 25, 2015
Frank Cohen, Our Lady of
the Rosary primary school