Terrigal land re-zoning approved

A proposal to rezone 8,400 sq metres of land at Wycombe Rd, Terrigal to R2 low density residential has been supported by Gosford Council at its ordinary meeting on October 27.

The land was zoned Conservation and Scenic Protection (rural small holdings) under an interim development order. Council’s report considered objections to the rezoning including those relating to the condition of Wycombe Rd, drainage and storm water issues.

The planning proposal was placed on public exhibition and three objections were received. Council staff reported that the objections were either satisfactorily addressed or were operational matters able to be addressed in any future development application for sub-division of the land.

Council will require supplementary soil contamination testing to be undertaken as part of any future development application because of the potential presence of metals or pesticide contamination as a result of former orchard or market garden activities on the site.

At the October 27 Gosford Council meeting, a speaker supporting the rezoning said that, if successful, it will lead to subdivisions and the future development of new housing in the area.

“Many people are desperate to find land to build their first home on and council should create opportunities.

“It is important to acknowledge the housing shortage on the Central Coast because we are very limited in terms of green space,” he said. Cr Hilary Morris voted against the rezoning.

Meeting transcript, Oct
27, 2015
Gov.137, Gosford Council