Broad array of education projects underway at Henry Kendall

Henry Kendall High School is now well advanced with its School Plan directions for 2015-17, according to principal, Mr Andrew Backhouse.

The school now has six teams operating across the areas of: Learning Culture; Teacher Accreditation; Student Resilience and Wellbeing; 21st Century Learning; Strategic Communication; and, Student Literacy.

These six teams have a broad array of dynamic and exciting projects underway that will make a real difference to our students and our school.

Projects such as implementation of Mindmatters across the school, redesigning our student rewards system, creation of flexible learning spaces instead of traditional classrooms, implementation of the school as a Teacher Accreditation Authority, increasing our media profile, assessing all students against the Literacy Continuum, creation of the Personal Best Program, and redesigning teaching and learning programs with a focus on building skills through project based learning, critical thinking and creativity.

“As well as the projects being undertaken across these teams, we are developing our Collaborative Peer Learning Program aimed at increasing the quality of our teachers through peer observation, constructive feedback, codesign of lessons, peer coaching and mentoring,”

Mr Backhouse said. By the end of 2016, all teachers will be involved in this program. These are just a handful of examples of the significant work being undertaken – the next two years will be an exciting and evolving time across Henry Kendall,” he said.

Newsletter, Nov 13, 2015
Andrew Backhouse, Henry
Kendall High School

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