26 lots of council land may be re-classified and sold

The East Gosford reserve that is a parcel of land earmarked for reclassifi cation and possible sale by Gosford Council

According to Save East Gosford Reserve, 26 parcels of public land are now on the list of those that Gosford Council has moved to reclassify with a view to sell.

Ms Sue Chidgey from the Save East Gosford Reserve group said the 26 pieces of land are currently classified as community land. “We believe that Council wants to change their classification to operational land which would allow the council to sell the land for development,” Ms Chidgey said.

“A few months ago, Gosford Council decided to look at 17 lots of public land for potential reclassification and sell-off,” she said.

“This week a further nine lots of public land have been added to the list. — a total of 26 lots of community land worth millions of dollars. “The question has to be asked as to why the Council needs to sell off community land.

“We are trying to save our beautiful reserve which is the last natural bushland reserve surrounded by the suburbia of East Gosford and Springfield.

“This reserve is highly important to the local community and is the habitat and corridor for a large wildlife population,” she said. The group’s facebook page, Save East Gosford Reserve, now has a membership of 330 residents, she said.

“We believe that Public Lands should not be put up for reclassification and sell-off to make money for Council. “They should be protected and maintained by Council.

“We understand that when Wyong Council did a rezoning of these types of lots, they first put out each block for community comment with pictures, information and history so community could first comment.

“If Gosford Council had consulted the community first, we wouldn’t be going through this distressful and drawn-out process to save valuable public lands.

“We hope that Gosford Council will keep the community fully informed throughout this process and that communities are listened to.”

The lots that have so far been listed for possible reclassification and sell-off include:

6 Isis St Wyoming; Perratt Cl Reserve, Lisarow; Eagle Cl Reserve, Lisarow; 13 Winter Cl, Lisarow; 40a George St, East Gosford; Reserve between Wells St and Lushington St, East Gosford; Reserve, corner of Coburg St and Wells St, East Gosford; Parcel of land, corner of Dover Rd and Lakeview Rd, Wamberal; a minimum of six lots within the Yarram Rd playground, Bensville; Lots 195 and 196 Brisbane Ave, Umina; Lots 56, 40 and 42 Albion St, Umina; Lots 318 and 319 Bluewave Cres, Forresters Beach; 93a Rivera Ave, Terrigal; 36 and 38 James Sea Dve, Green Point; 1 Hely St, West Gosford; and 12 Jerribin St, Wyoming. Community lots added to the list on November 10 were: Lots 184, 185 and 187 DP 10186, 40, 42 and 46 Pozieres Ave Umina; Lot 47 and 48 Sec B, DP 10242, 9 – 11 Mackenzie Ave, Woy Woy; Lot 1 DP 247520 and Lot 372 DP 612274, 10 and 12 Jumbuck Cl Woy Woy; Lot 192, DP 237499, 2 Kateena Ave Tascott; Lot 22 DP 29443, 22A Delaware Rd Niagara Park; Lot 27 DP 778345, 71 Alan St Niagara Park; Lot 17 Sec 2, DP 12702, 83 Ilumba Ave Davistown; Lots 35 and 51 DP 26603, 37 and 39 Warren Ave, Avoca Beach; and Lot 1 DP 707133, 182 Ocean View Dve Wamberal.

Media release,
Nov 11, 2015
Sue Chidgey, Save East
Gosford Reserve

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